Grandparent & Grandchild Spring Break Trip Ideas

The memories grandparents forge with their grandchildren last a lifetime. And there’s no better time to make such precious treasures than during Spring Break. Parents should take a well-deserved break of their own by sending their kids on a nice long holiday with their grannies and grandpas!

Since so-called skip-gen traveling is becoming increasingly common, you’ll be happy to know plenty of places have Spring Break offers made especially for grandparents and grandchildren. Without further ado, let’s discover some of the best Spring Break trip ideas that will keep the adults and the youth occupied and filled with fun! From camping in a national park to sunbathing on the beach to exploring a major city, where will you take your grandchildren next?

Enjoy the Beach

A kid on grandfathers shoulder with grandmother beside them walking on a beach.
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It’s time to say farewell to winter and greet the sea with open arms. What better way to bring grandparents and grandkids together than by having them participate in fun activities like swimming, building sand castles, and enjoying worthy meals by the ocean?

In the U.S., the treasured coast of Florida is the top destination for Spring Break travelers seeking to unwind and soak up the sun. Places like Palm Beach, Cocoa Beach, New Smyrna Beach, Sanibel Island, and Miami Beach won’t disappoint you.

Explore Hawaii

A Girl With Her Grandad On A Tropical Beach
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If the beaches of the Sunshine State aren’t enough, consider planning a trip to picturesque Hawaii. Kids and adults can enjoy various activities, such as snorkeling, hiking, sightseeing, wildlife watching, and even visiting an active volcano!

If you’re in your golden years, you’ll be happy to know that Hawaii and the sandy beaches of Oʻahu and Maui are suitable for all generations, with modern-day facilities and amenities ready to make your stay unforgettable. And if you’re still young and eager to explore, know that you won’t be bored for a second in the Paradise of the Pacific.

Travel Abroad

Portrait of cheerful aged charming grandmother is standing at airport lounge with her little granddaughter.
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Feeling adventuristic? You might as well visit a country you’ve never been to before. Mexico, the Dominican Republic, and Costa Rica remain top Spring Break destinations for sun and beach enthusiasts. But if you’re willing to try something different, give a chance to Mediterranean nations like Italy, Malta, and Cyprus or European gems like Portugal and Spain. Increasingly popular destinations are also The Netherlands for its vast fields of tulips and Japan for its cherry blossoms.

If you’re a grandparent traveling with a minor, make sure you secure a notarized child travel consent form to avoid any trouble at the airport.

Brave the Cold Weather in Style

Young girl and grandmother on chair lift.
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We know what you’re thinking. Who wants to spend Spring Break shivering in the cold? While most people prefer the sun, those who like to wear extra layers of clothes and enjoy winter sports can also have a strong point.

If you and your grandchild want to build a snowman or go skiing and sledding, reserving a room at a kid-friendly ski resort sounds like a good idea. In the States, Utah is often considered a prime destination for late winter sports and is followed by states like Colorado, California, Michigan, Oregon, and Vermont. Internationally, Canada, Switzerland, and France invite those into winter activities.

Visit a National Park

Cars waiting to enter Yosemite National Park.
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There is no better way to relax and spend time with your grandchildren than by setting up a camp or staying in lakeside lodging in one of the top national parks. In the U.S., some of the best parks include Yosemite National Park, Yellowstone National Park, Zion National Park, Grand Canyon National Park, and Grand Teton National Park.

Are you and your grandkid looking forward to fishing and hiking? Or do you prefer swimming and other water activities? The choice is yours!

Go Wild in an Amusement Park

Grandfather and grandson having fun in amusement park.
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Amusement parks weren’t designed for older people, but you’re never too old to have serious fun! If you want your grandchildren to have the time of their lives, taking them to an amusement park might do the trick.

If the kids are still young, you’ll be happy to know that plenty of roller coasters exist for children and allow companions to join them on the rides. Fun activities like picture-taking, haunted houses, Ferris wheels, water rides, and carnival games will only make the stay more enjoyable.

Retreat to a Spa

Waist up portrait of delighted man and woman sitting in a Spa on deckchairs with kid.
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Spring Break doesn’t have to be all beach and partying. If the grandkids are old enough, consider getting a full-package deal at a wellness center where hot tubs and jetted pools will become your new best friends for a few days.

The downside is that your wallet might suffer a big blow. On the plus side, everyone will be happy to relax their muscles!

Go Sightseeing in a Major City

Grandmother with granddaughter traveling together by train.
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Sightseeing is underrated, and many grandparent-grandchild duos are now using Spring Break time wisely to discover major cities and their main attractions.

Whether you’re going to Miami, New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, or somewhere less crowded, you’ll get the bonding of your life by taking your grandchildren to popular landmarks, eateries, and entertainment centers. Make sure you cater your itinerary to the children’s wishes and your needs to avoid boredom and disagreements.

Make a Day Trip to the Zoo

Grandfather and little grandson in the zoo.
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Spring Break can last a week or just a day. The latter doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll have any less fun! If your grandkids are still very young and it could prove challenging to keep them in order for several days, consider taking them to a local zoo where you can all spend the day watching animals, eating ice cream, and sharing fun stories.

Bond at a Waterpark

A family with grandchildren diving and having fun in a pool.
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If your bones aren’t aching yet, they surely will after a trip to the waterpark with your grandkids. Plenty of options are available, and most of them include lodging if you wish to stay for several days.

Most waterparks have special pools for children of all ages, amazing slides, lazy rivers, and wave pools. While keeping kids safe near so much water isn’t easy, the adults will get some time off once the youth is too tired to run around.

Visit an Education Center

Kids having fun watching an experiment at a science centre
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Science and education centers are another great way to bring grandchildren closer to their grandparents. When someone mentions ‘science’ and ‘education,’ most people jump to conclusions. And you might be surprised if you knew just how fun and interactive such centers can be.

To better understand what you could have for Spring Break, check out popular destinations like Boston’s Museum of Science, San Francisco’s Exploratorium, Minnesota’s Science Museum, Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum, and Charlotte’s Discovery Place.

Go Camping

Grandparents with Grandchildren having fun camping.
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In addition to national parks, countless camping sites are scattered worldwide; some might be even closer to you than you thought. This budget-friendly activity will deliver an exciting adventure and forge everlasting memories.

Wouldn’t spending this Spring Break with your grandchildren roasting marshmallows over a bonfire be amazing?

Hike a Trail

Family Standing At Top Of Hill On Hike Through Countryside
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Lastly, hiking is an affordable, healthy, and fun solution to bring grandparents and grandchildren closer together. There are many established trails to choose from. Some of the longer ones even offer excellent lodgings and restaurants on the way to ensure everyone is well satisfied.

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