10 Small Good Deeds You Can Do Today

Doing a simple kind act for someone else rewards you with a feeling like none other. It’s often said it’s better to give than receive, and that sentiment certainly rings true. It’s for those reasons that April 16 is dedicated to National Good Deeds Day. While we don’t need a day to remind us that doing something for another person is a wonderful thing, it can certainly prompt you to go the extra mile.

Even if you feel you do good deeds each day, this is the day you can go that extra mile or perhaps do something particularly special. No need to even try to think of ideas, as we’ve got 10 small good deeds you can do today. These may not sound like a big deal, but a moment of kindness is all someone may need.

Grab a Coffee for Your Coworker

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As you head to work on National Good Deeds Day, you can start the day right by grabbing a coffee for your coworker. Just think how surprised they will be when you place it on their desk or in their workspace when you arrive. If you’re unsure of how they like their coffee, just grab some sugar and cream packets to go. Then they can add what they want.

Let’s face it, for many people, coffee is essential for kicking off the day. Caffeine can give you that energy boost that is lacking in the morning.

Surprise Your Partner with Breakfast in Bed

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Speaking of kicking off the day on a good note, nothing beats a surprise breakfast in bed. If you and your partner don’t wake up at the same time, making breakfast in bed impossible, you can surprise them with a lovely dinner instead. Taking the time to prepare a meal for someone is the kind of gesture that others appreciate. Be sure to make one of their favorite foods and your good deed will be a huge hit.

Donate to a Charity That’s Close to Your Heart

People Donating Food To Charity Food Bank Collection In Community Center
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Donating to a charity is wonderful any time of the year, but on National Good Deeds Day why not think long and hard about the causes that are close to your heart? There are bound to be some that resonate with you more than others, and that’s the one you can donate to.

People often feel like a donation is pointless if it’s not a lot of money, but nothing could be further from the truth. Every dollar truly matters, so don’t worry about how much you donate – just make the effort.

Sign Up for Volunteer Work

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Making the effort can also apply to this next good deed. Volunteer work is such a win-win opportunity. You will be helping others and, in turn, feel like you’re making the most of your time by doing something that matters.

Some of the places you may want to volunteer at include:

  • Seniors home/nursing home
  • Hospital
  • Library
  • School
  • Pet shelter
  • Foodbank
  • Museum

Many of these places are desperate to find help year-round, so they will be thrilled that you want to offer a hand.

Give the Gift of Blood – Donate at Your Local Blood Bank

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Few gifts can compare to this one. Donating blood at your local blood bank can mean the difference between life and death for someone – it is that consequential. If you have a rare type of blood, it’s even more important for you to donate. For those with AB-negative blood, this is the rarest blood – which means it’s hard to find donors. On the flip side, those with O-negative blood are universal donors so your blood type is also in constant need.

Why not make it a regular good deed that you keep up with? Even donating once a month will have a huge impact.

Make an Effort to Compliment Someone

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Sometimes a good deed is so simple you don’t even think of it as a “good deed”. That’s usually the case with compliments. Receiving a compliment, especially an unexpected one, can lift your entire mood. People are often their worst critics, so hearing something positive is helpful.

It can be as simple as “That color makes your eyes pop”, “Your smile looks so bright”, or “The way you styled your hair today is very flattering”. Just make sure the compliment is genuine and from the heart or it won’t have the desired effect.

Bake Some Cookies and Deliver Them to a Neighbor

Woman Bringing Meal For Elderly Neighbour
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Do you have a cookie recipe you’re known for? Maybe it’s not cookies but some other type of sweets or desserts like squares, a cake, or tarts. Whatever your special recipe is, you can whip up a batch and deliver it to your neighbor. It’s the kind of gesture everyone loves opening their door to – delicious homemade food.

Donate Clothing and Household Items You Don’t Need

Nice joyful woman smiling while giving her old coat to a pleasant aged woman
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Because Good Deeds Day happens to fall in spring, let it be the inspiration you need to go through your belongings and do a little spring cleaning. It’s time to get cutthroat and weed out all the items you no longer want or need. As long as they are in good condition, they can be donated.

Minimalists recommend making three piles as you sort through items: keep, donate, and trash. Items that are in rough shape and can’t be donated can be disposed of. And remember, places like Goodwill and the Salvation Army take a lot more than just clothes.

Treat Your Bestie to a Meal at Their Favorite Restaurant

Two young women at a lunch in a restaurant
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Yep, it’s another food-related good deed! It all goes back to that saying – “A way to a person’s heart is through their stomach”. This is a great opportunity to treat your best friend to a meal at their favorite restaurant. Not only will they get to enjoy their favorite dish, but the two of you will have a chance to hang out and catch up.

Offer to Do Yard Work for a Senior Neighbor

Senior man and mature men chatting over plants in garden
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Here’s another lovely gesture you can offer for a neighbor. If you know of a senior who struggles with keeping up with yard work, offer to do it for them. Cutting the lawn, raking, weeding, and watering the garden may seem like easy tasks to you, but for a senior who may have mobility problems, it’s not so simple.

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