10 Ways You Can Make Your Day in the Office a Little More Fun

While the office may not be the typical place to have a good time, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. International Fun at Work Day takes place on April 1 annually. The idea is to celebrate all the positives of your workplace and the people you’re surrounded by.

If you’re a boss, manager, or employee, there are plenty of ways to make International Fun at Work Day a good time for all. Sure, it may mean work goes on the back burner for a bit, but a little fun helps to bring the team closer and create a happier work environment.

Here are ten ways you can make your day at the office a little more fun for International Fun at Work Day this year.

Host an Employee Breakfast or Luncheon in the Breakroom

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This is a given, but any time you can provide employees with food, it’s a winning situation. You can let employees know there will be a complimentary breakfast or luncheon on International Fun at Work Day. You may even wish to send around a menu or a list of options. Having a catered meal is a nice gesture that employees will welcome.

If you want to make the breakfast or luncheon more casual, you can turn it into a potluck. Just make sure there is a sign-up sheet where employees can choose what they bring so you don’t end up with a bunch of one type of food or dish.

Go Off-Site Together for a Meal

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Not every workplace is ideal for hosting a meal, so you may want to go off-site to a restaurant instead. If you want to make it a dinner, employees will need to be given notice so they can plan on getting home later that day.

Set Up a Scavenger Hunt in the Office

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Here’s an idea that instantly brings out the smiles and laughter: an office-based scavenger hunt. You can make it a themed hunt or just hide random items. Plenty of online sites provide you with a list of ideas to hide for the hunt. Remember, it should be hard enough to feel like a challenge, but it shouldn’t be impossible.

For large workplaces, employees can be broken up into teams. If you have a small workforce, employees can do the scavenger hunt individually. Teams can be more fun since there is a social element to the scavenger hunt that way.

Deck Out the Breakroom with New Comfy Furniture and Sleek Appliances

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Sometimes, it’s not a big party or meal that will put a smile on employees’ faces; instead, it is a grand gesture. Why not surprise them with a renovated breakroom? You can invest in new comfortable furniture and sleek new appliances. Consider what items they would want in the space, not just what you think is a good idea. Is the breakroom used for quick snacks and grabbing a coffee, or do you want to provide employees with a way to store and prepare meals, such as a full-sized fridge and microwave?

Turn the Breakroom Into a Video Game Room for the Day

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And speaking of the breakroom, you can transform it into a video game room for a day. Have someone bring in a video gaming console if you don’t have one yourself, and then encourage employees to bring in their favorite games. You can set up tournaments and matches and create a whole competition out of it.

Let Employees Vote for a Movie to Be Played

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You can bring employees together to share a laugh, a cry, or to clutch each other thanks to the thrills and suspense of a movie. Movie day for employees is something anyone can look forward to. You can screen one or two movies, whatever you can fit into the day.

Companies with large workspaces can even screen a couple of movies at a time in different spaces, giving employees the option to choose which one they want to watch. Remember to offer free popcorn and drinks, too.

Encourage Employees to Take Frequent Breaks to Socialize with Others

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Generally speaking, managers and business owners want employees to be as productive as possible, but sometimes, you need to cut them a little slack. There is no better day to do that than International Fun at Work Day.

Let employees know that breaks are encouraged on this day and that they should take the time to chat with people outside their department or section in the office. It’s a chance to get to know others, which can only improve communication.

Play Bingo Throughout the Day – Don’t Forget the Prizes

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Are you looking for a game that a group can play and the rules are easy to understand? Look no further than bingo. You can even create a bingo hall vibe by using one of the old-school wheels to turn the balls around. Playing quick games throughout the day helps spread the fun and gives employees something to look forward to.

One important tip is to stock up on fun prizes. This will ensure that everyone wants to participate and that there will be some lucky winners in the group.

Ask Trivia Questions throughout the Day – Add Up the Score at the End

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Another way to get everyone involved in a game is to ask trivia questions throughout the day. Because trivia can be such a broad category, pick a theme everyone has at least a passing knowledge of. Also, don’t make it work or company-themed; the idea is that employees are having fun at work, which means they take a break from work.

Divide Employees Into Groups for a Classic Game of Charades

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Getting employees to laugh and get to know one another better is a breeze with the game of charades. This is one of the most classic icebreaker-style games. It may start a little reserved, but in no time, everyone will laugh and shout out words. You can also purchase charade game sets that will help you organize better.

Making the Workplace Fun for All Doesn’t Have to Be Difficult

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As you review this list of ideas, you will see that with just a little effort and planning, you can make the workplace a lot more enjoyable on International Fun at Work Day.

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