10 Easy Things You Can DIY at Home to Save You Some Money

When you move into a new-to-you home whether it’s brand new and never been lived in, or it’s an older home – there’s a good chance you won’t love everything about it. Even if you like the majority of things in the home, if you stay in the place long enough it’s eventually going to require repairs, renovations, and some general sprucing up.

The problem is home renovation projects can be extremely pricey when you hire a contractor, and not everything requires a professional’s touch. There are many easy DIY projects that you can do that will have a big impact and will save you money. This is the whole premise behind National DIY Day, which takes place on April 2.

If you’re ready to dip your toes into the DIY waters but don’t know where to get started, let National DIY Day be the push you were waiting for. Here are 10 easy projects you can add to your to-do list.

Painting the Inside of the House

Couple in house choosing color for walls
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In terms of the most budget-friendly DIY job that you can do that still delivers maximum impact, painting is at the top of the list. Painting a room or multiple rooms will completely transform the look and feel of the home. It can brighten up the space, make it appear larger, and make it feel more stylish and modern. A different color palette can even make existing furniture, fixtures, and décor look new.

For homeowners that want to refresh the entire home but feel overwhelmed at picking new colors, try to stick within one color family and just choose different intensities of that color. This is a great way of ensuring the space feels cohesive.

Installing New Light Fixtures

Man changing light bulb
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Light fixtures are something that often gets overlooked with homeowners underestimating the effect they have on the space. A new light fixture in a different finish, style, and size can be just what the room needs. It can also help make a space brighter, or a little cozier – whatever you’re going for.
Just be sure to always turn off the power going to the light socket you are working with, as you don’t want to risk getting a shock.

Hanging Window Coverings

Repairman hanging and fixing the curtain on the window
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It doesn’t get much easier than this DIY project, and this one offers several benefits. Hanging window coverings adds décor to the room, but then there is the function and practicality of them. Window coverings allow you to create a sense of privacy when wanted, and they can also help with keeping the room at a more consistent temperature. Window coverings can act as added insulation, especially if they are thick.

Installing Crown Molding

Woman working in a black T-shirt is installing a plinth on the ceiling
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Crown molding can be the perfect touch to finishing off a space. It helps bring in a touch of sophistication and elegance. It’s also perfect for homes that may be lacking in character or interesting details. The good thing about crown molding is with a little patience, a willingness to learn, and the right tools and supplies – you can do this job yourself.

Because this one does have skill to it, it’s a good idea to watch some videos in advance and speak to professionals at your local home renovation/building supply store. Crown molding works beautifully in any room, but looks especially great in a family room, dining room, or living room.

Replacing Bathroom Faucets

Man's hands are fixing bath tap into place.
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If your bathroom is looking a bit tired and needs a basic refresher, try replacing the bathroom faucet. This includes the sink and the bathtub/shower. Just like many other items in the home, faucet trends change over the years so it may be time for a more modern fixture.

Installing a Backsplash in the Kitchen

Man renovating, renovating the kitchen, installing tile on the wall.
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Kitchen renovations are one of the most popular projects that homeowners undertake. Because they can be so extensive, they also tend to be the most expensive home renovation projects. You can cut down the costs substantially by doing the work yourself, so why not start with installing a backsplash in the kitchen?

You can find everything from basic tiles to peel-and-stick tiles. It comes down to your skill level, the amount of free time you have, the tools you’ve got on hand, the budget, and your expectations. Be sure to look at different samples and consider how they work with your overall kitchen vision.

Replacing Cabinet Pulls and Handles

Woman fixing a pull on a drawer of a cabinet with a screwdriver
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You can take things to the next level in your kitchen DIY project by replacing the hardware on the cabinets and drawers. New pulls, handles and knobs can create the illusion of new cabinets without spending a fraction of the cost of new cupboards.

Painting Kitchen Cabinets

Closeup of Woman Holding Paint Brush and Painting Kitchen Cabinets
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If replacing the cabinet hardware doesn’t do the trick, then you can look into painting the cupboards. This won’t be possible on all styles, as not every material can be refinished or painted. Wooden cabinets are relatively straightforward to paint, but if you have laminate cabinets there are a few steps involved.

Again, speak to a knowledgeable sales clerk at a home building supply store so you not only understand how to do the project but also pick up the right materials and paint for the job.

Applying Fresh Grout to Bathroom Tiles

Worker hands using rubber trowel and grouting seams with paste between gray ceramic tiles on floor.
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When grout is fresh it looks pristine. The grout used in bathroom tiles is usually pretty durable but life happens and over time it starts holding on to stains, and dirt, and can even start to grow mold. Applying fresh grout is a great way to make your bathroom look fresh as new.

For this project, you need to start by removing all the existing grout so you are working with a clean slate.

Painting the Front Door

Worker hand paints wooden front door with paintbrush
Image Credit: Shutterstock / GagoDesign

Finally, consider painting the front door of the home a bold new color. Rather than standard black, brown, or tan, opt for something with a personality that will allow your home to pop on your street. Don’t be afraid to step outside your comfort zone a bit, as it’s just paint and you can easily cover it up with another color if you aren’t happy.

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