Disneyland Paris Adds New Fee to Purchases at Parks

Many international guests who arrive in the United States for the first time are blindsided by the plus-tax pricing popular in the country. They assume that the prices featured in tags are final. When they go to pay, though, they find out they owe more than they bargained for. Admittedly, this can take some getting used to. At first, people may feel that they’re getting ripped off. Guests to Disneyland Paris go through a similar experience with the prices and fees for buying memorabilia at the park. Now, those fees are set to increase.

It’s been a few years since the park started charging guests an extra fee for a bag to store the items they buy. While this practice may seem odd for American guests, many countries throughout the world have adopted this practice. Certain supermarket chains have completely stopped offering plastic bags for people to store their groceries. And Disneyland Paris was no exception to this EU regulation that first came into effect in 2016.

People were charged 2 euros for a small bag after their purchase. The price went up to 3 euros for a medium-sized one and 4 for the largest of the bunch. Guests headed to the park starting this spring, though, will now have to dish out €2.50 for the small version, €3.50 for a medium, and €4.5 for the large. This practice of charging for bags started in 2019. At that time, there were only two sizes available. A small bag would set people back 1 euro, and the larger version used to cost 2. The fact that prices have more than doubled in a span of 5 years is alarming.

It’s not just the price of plastic bags that is going up in Paris. The luggage storage service that is offered at the park is also getting more expensive. Guests will have to pay 14 euros to have their bags taken care of for them throughout their stay at the park. This is a popular service at Disneyland Paris, perhaps much more so than at the US-based parks. Particularly because guests who arrive at the Parisian park are less likely to be staying on the property. Disneyland Paris is more of a stop on a Euro trip than a full-on destination.

Hikes in prices at Disney parks won’t be unique to Paris in the next few months. It’s already been announced that ticket prices for American-based parks will rise once again in 2025. That will potentially be the case for other amenities and add-ons. Disney Genie, the app that replaced the ever-popular fast pass feature, is currently going for about 30 dollars. In this spring alone, the feature has completely sold out in the early hours of the morning at multiple Florida parks. This massive demand will likely lead to an increase in price in the following months.

Tourists headed to any Disney Park in the coming months should be aware that prices will likely have increased since their last visit. It’s also a good idea to keep tabs on some minor expenses, like the plastic bags in Disneyland Paris. Many times, it’s these small, unexpected expenses that cause people to go over budget.

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