Disney Attractions Mysteriously Disappearing From the Parks

Over the last few years, many Disney park favorites have gone the way of the dodo. In most of these cases, though, the attraction at least got a final send-off to appease some of the long-time fans. The most recent case is what transpired with Splash Mountain. This ride had been a long time favorite of fans at multiple Disney parks. However, the movie it’s based on, Song of the South, touches on some themes that just don’t sit well with the general population. That situation is certainly the main driving force behind the ride update, which scrapped the original animatronics from the controversial movie in favor of the Princess and the Frog theme.

In the last few days, though, different shows and attractions have seemingly vanished from the Disney parks without a trace. The Disney Movie Magic show at Disney’s Hollywood Studios has not been airing in the last few days. The parks did not announce this change beforehand, and the show was also scrapped from the official site. This nightly show was one of the more popular, taking place at the park. It showcased projections from some of the more traditional Disney animation projects, underlining the importance of the studio in the movie-making industry as a whole.

Currently, The Wonderful World of Animation, another projection that takes place nightly at the Chinese Theater in Disney’s Hollywood Studios, is also on hiatus. In that situation, there is an explanation as to why. There’s a seasonal screening that’s taking the place of that show at the moment. The traditional show is expected to come back in the second week of June. That’s not the case for the Disney Movie Magic show. Its disappearance from the site is also leaving people with more questions than answers. One of the fears of long-time fans is that the disappearance of these projection shows could be a growing theme.

The second theme park at the Disneyland Paris resort is actually dropping its “Studio” theming and will be calling itself Disney Adventure World. Currently, there are lands being built to “Frozen” theming and other Disney properties. What’s taking place in Paris is that the entire movie studio concept is being dropped entirely. That could be something that reaches Orlando as well. That would mean some of these closures are just the tip of the iceberg. What’s odd at the Disney World Resort is that these changes are seemingly taking place without warning. This may be leaving long-time fans of the studio-concept-based park with little time to enjoy some of their favorite shows and attractions.

As mentioned in the last few years, Disney has been seemingly more willing to drop traditional attractions in favor of new concepts. It wouldn’t be odd to think that the Orlando park will see a similar transformation after the Paris park makeover. However, it’s not in Disney’s nature to just close down attractions without allowing fans to get in a final goodbye.

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