Disney Cruise Lines will launch a brand new ship soon

Disney Cruise Lines have recently announced an exciting new addition to its line-up of ships in 2025: the highly anticipated Disney Destiny. This ship is set to feature a hero/villain theme. Presumably, half of the vessel will be themed to the dark side, with the other half featuring the good guys. It’s pretty clear which side you’ll be able to find the adult-only bar!

The company hasn’t released a lot of details regarding the ship. What we do know so far, however, are the movie villains and heroes that will be plastered all over the place. Disney Destiny will feature characters from “Hercules”, “The Lion King”, and “One Hundred and One Dalmatians.” Anyone up to stay at the Cruella de Vil suite with black and white fur on the walls?

Another thing that the company mentioned in the press release announcing the new cruise liner is that Destiny will be a sister ship of the Disney Wish. This ship is already in service with the cruise line; therefore, it can help us decipher what to expect from Disney Destiny. One of the highlights of that particular vessel is the Aqua Mouse water slide ride. The company calls it the first Disney attraction at sea, and for good reason. It’s not just a slide that sees guests glide down gracefully toward a pool; it actually features a storyline that folks are encouraged to enjoy as they make their way down.

According to different sources, the Disney Destiny will have a capacity of about 4000 passengers, who will be settled in about 1200 staterooms. These numbers have been confirmed since, as mentioned, the Destiny is a sister ship of the Wish, and those are the number of rooms that vessel features. Disney Treasure is another upcoming ship for the cruise line. This vessel already has a tentative date for its maiden voyage set for December 21st, 2024.

While voyages have not been set for the Destiny at this point, it’s expected to cover one of the company’s popular routes, which includes stops in the Bahamas and a new island destination that’s yet to be unveiled. Disney Adventure is, so far, the ship that’s been chosen to cover routes from the Singapore Port, which is another market that the company is very interested in entering.

The addition of these new ships is great news for the Disney Cruise line moving forward. The future for this branch of the Disney Company hasn’t looked so clear after the COVID pandemic. Obviously, during that year, the entire cruise industry ground to a halt, but that also caused one of the shipbuilders that they were working with at the time to declare bankruptcy. That sense of uncertainty delayed the line’s expansion plans. Although the company that’s building the Disney Adventure declared bankruptcy, they have vowed to finish the project, allowing the growth of Disney’s cruise business to continue into the future, much to the delight of guests who’ll be able to enjoy what Imagineers cook up next.

You can view Disney’s full announcement here.

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