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Located in the oasis of Dakhla, one of the most wonderful oases in Egypt and the one furthest from Cairo, Desert Lodge Dakhla Oasis Egypt sits in a beautiful, exceptionally lush valley deep in the Sahara desert and is surrounded by striking pink and ochre hills and cliffs. The oasis comprises about 30,000 acres of fertile, farmable land, which supports a community of about 40,000 people. This lively place is filled with farms and gardens, a remarkable and recommended destination for a true, authentic Egyptian desert experience.

The town of Al Qasr, one of numerous towns that make up Dakhla, lies in the north of the oasis and was founded by the Romans. In the Middle Ages, it became the capital of Dakhla, which used to be a major stopping point for camel caravans across the Sahara. The town breathes history and culture and consists of a maze of narrow alleys flanked by mud walls and houses ornamented with meticulously carved wooden lintels. Al Qasr is a protected heritage site in Egypt.

In this wonderful, unique and historic setting lies Desert Lodge Dakhla Oasis Egypt , an eco-lodge constructed in the local traditional style and perched atop a hill. This vantage point offers amazing views over the town of Al Qasr and the Saharan sand dunes beyond, as well as peace and quiet.

The lodge has 32 beautifully appointed rooms, all of which are spacious and equipped with private bathrooms, telephones and a fan. High ceilings ensure that air circulation is optimal. Many of the rooms have a private terrace or balcony, providing views of the town, the desert and/or the hills.

Facilities are plentiful at Desert Lodge Dakhla Oasis Egypt . They range from a library stocked with books about the desert and life in it, to an internet café, a small bazaar selling locally made products, a TV room and the “El Negoum” terrace, which is a wonderful place to relax in the afternoon or do some unforgettable stargazing at night. There is also the “Abu Ballas” restaurant and the outdoor cafeteria “Domino.” Additionally, guests can enjoy a cup of tea, Arabic coffee or traditional shisha in the lodge’s inviting “Bedaoui” tent. A pool with naturally warm spring water offers refuge in hot afternoons.

Desert Lodge Dakhla Oasis Egypt also has its very own organic farm where vegetables and fruits are grown. Locals work on this farm, the produce of which is used to prepare healthy meals in the lodge’s kitchen.

The setting of this lodge gives visitors the chance to participate in a number of unique activities, ranging from sandboarding in the dunes of the Sahara to half-day or full-day camel excursions, desert hikes and mountain biking trips.

Guests who want to add some culture to their vacation won’t have any trouble to do so. In the town of Al Qasr, they can visit the ancient Old Mosque, the local museum, traditional pottery and smithery shops, ancient olive farms and a wheat mill—all offering a wonderful insight in the life in a desert oasis. In the near vicinity of the lodge, within ten kilometers, guests can visit a remarkable array of historic and natural sites, including the village of Qalamun, the Deir al-Hagar Roman temple, the Yardang mud pans and natural hot water wells. Longer excursions are on offer as well, ranging from half-day trips to multi-day journeys.

In terms of sustainability, Desert Lodge Al Qasr is right up there with the top eco-lodges in the world. It was built by local craftsmen and continues to employ only local people, while also using only local materials and products. Energy comes from a solar panel plant and a hydroelectric system; energy is conserved by using energy-saving light bulbs. Water comes from the lodge’s own well and is filtered and purified before being bottled in glass bottles. This is a successful method to significantly reduce the need for PET bottles. The well also fills the pool and provides water for the farm and gardens. In addition to all this, the lodge regularly sets up projects to clean up the old part of the town together with local school children, thus making them aware of the need to recycle and minimize waste.

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