You may want to avoid visiting Walt Disney World on these days if you can

Disney is the happiest place on earth, right? Operating under that logic, it wouldn’t make sense to ever skip out on a day at such a place. In fact, plenty of people see it this way, although again, sometimes it’s more out of necessity than actually wanting to be at Disney on certain dates. What this means is that sometimes, due to scheduling issues with work or school, you have little to no option but to head to the parks on what are seemingly the worst days. If you do have a choice, however, these are some of the days you may want to stay clear of the Disney parks.

Two July weekends promise to be packed to the brim! Plus, on those two weekends, it’s going to be much harder to find a room at one of the Disney value resorts. On July 4-11, an AAU basketball tournament will take place at the Wide World of Sports. This is a weekend that’s packed to begin with because of the Fourth of July. When you add to that the number of kids and parents that are going to be coming to the tournament, the queues at rides and the waiting times at dining areas can be a real issue. If you do find a room at one of the value resorts, you may want to get up early for the buffet; even those lines could get hectic on those dates.

From July 23 to the 28th, another tournament will take place at the Sports Complex. This time, it’s a soccer tournament. These events tend to draw huge crowds. This is because the number of teams taking part in competitions is usually very high. Naturally, a lot of families are going to take the opportunity to bring more than just the players along for the vacation. Therefore, if you are not one of those people participating in this event, it may be a good idea to stay away from the parks during these days. Soccer is again the reason why there might be more people than usual at Walt Disney World on October 12-13, November 29-December 1, and December 27-30, 2024. This means that even if you’re past the summer months, you may not be in the clear.

If you want to truly avoid crowds at Disney Parks, the best thing to do is arrive on a weekday. You’ll also want to check the weather during August and through October. At times, the parks will be reasonably empty during these months, but that’s because the city gets a lot of rain. Many rides cease to operate in those conditions. That’s another curveball that you have to account for. Ideally, you’ll want to avoid the crowds but also get on the rides. Another tip that locals use is to arrive also on a weekday during the later hours of the day. That idea may not be as appealing to travelers because what are you going to do for the first half of the day in Orlando?

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