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Danpaati River Lodge occupies a small island in the Upper Suriname River, located approximately 200 kilometers to the south of Suriname‘s capital city of Paramaribo. It is set amid a lush tropical rain forest, surrounded by the dense Amazonian jungle and a number of tiny villages. The lodge can only directly be reached by boat or helicopter, which reflects the sense of solitude and nature immersion that await guests.

This is a place to really disconnect from one’s busy day-to-day life, to reconnect with nature and to simply relax without having to worry about anything. Even despite its remote location, Danpaati River Lodge is a great option for everyone looking for an alternative vacation destination. After the scenic boat trip, guests can choose to go for complete relaxation or explore the surrounding forests on a jungle adventure.

Danpaati River Lodge offers visitors the chance to enjoy the immense beauty of this unspoiled natural region, learn about the local Maroon culture or kick back with a good book in a hammock overlooking the river. Guests can also swim safely in the river, go for walks around the small island, go hiking in the jungle and visit local villages during a guided tour.

In addition to providing these wonderful low-impact and eco-friendly activities, the lodge contributes to a social community project that includes the surrounding villages. This makes a stay at Danpaati River Lodge a socially responsible one. The lodge also employs local people, which adds an invaluable cultural aspect to the lodge. The lodge has been consciously positioned far enough away from the surrounding villages, however, so that the tourists don’t influence local habits and traditions, which helps to keep everything as authentic as possible. A percentage of the lodge’s profits flows to a day nursery and media center in the village of Dan, located across the river. Guests can even volunteer to help out in any contributing way—singing sessions, theater, movies and other activities.

Facilities at the lodge itself include an outdoor pool with sun deck, a yoga area overlooking the river, hammocks, a lounge restaurant and a bar.

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