Disney Announces D23 Program for 2024: When Will Park and Movie Updates Be Announced?

Disney recently released the complete list of activities that will take place during its annual D23 conference. New activities are on the calendar this year, and a unique space is dedicated to honoring some of the studio’s greats. The festivities even include a D23-themed Angels baseball game. The game is on August 4th at Angel Stadium when the home team takes on the New York Mets. Most Disney fans, however, are eager to hear about updates to the parks and any new projects that the studio is cooking up. When are those going to be announced?

Saturday, August 10th, will be a day that Disney fans will want to mark on their calendars. This will be when Disney Experiences Chairman Josh D’Amaro will take the stage at the Honda Center in Anaheim to give people a peek behind the curtains and let them see what Disney has cooking in the oven. This will likely be when we know what Disney has planned regarding the DinoLand USA retheming at Animal Kingdom, among other secrets.

On Sunday, the Disney Legends Awards Gala will also occur at the Honda Center. This year, plenty of fan favorites are expected to walk down the red carpet and be honored by the Mouse House. Ryan Secrest is slated to host the event, which will celebrate the likes of Colleen Atwood, Angela Bassett, Martha Blanding, James L. Brooks, James Cameron, Jamie Lee Curtis, Miley Cyrus, Steve Ditko, Harrison Ford, Mark Henn, and Frank Oz, among others.

The Disney Parks in California are also getting in on the festivities. On Thursday, August 8th, folks who purchased their tickets for the D23 conference will be allowed free entry to Disneyland and Disney’s California Adventure. The parks are set to feature different elements alluding to the conference. Guests can expect a massive dance party and special photo opportunities with some of their favorite Disney characters throughout the day. The perfect weekend at the D23 conference would certainly not be complete without a visit to an actual park!

One of the past highlights of the conference that fans loved was the Mousequerade costume contest. This event will return for those who love dressing up like their favorite characters. It’s important to remember that to be able to enter the contest, fans have to pre-register. The first step to enter the contest is to be a D23 member or have tickets to the upcoming convention. Once all that is completed, you can craft your costume and expect to grace the stage at the Anaheim Convention Center, where celebrity guest judges will critique your creation.

All sorts of shows, workshops, and conferences will occur at the Anaheim Convention Center, next to the parks. The Honda Arena, however, will host most of the “big ticket attractions” of the weekend. It’s important to check where the event or conference that you’re interested in is taking place this year to ensure you’re at the right venue.

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