Cooler (Colder) Places to Visit This Summer

The summer heat has become unbearable in some parts of the world. That’s really unfortunate for some travelers, particularly families with kids in school, or even teachers, who get most of the summer off. What’s unfortunate, of course, is not the fact that you get time off work, but that it comes at a point in the year when the weather is so hot! Are you really going to be in the mood to walk around and explore new places in 90-degree heat? What you could do this summer to put a twist on things is head to a cooler destination where you won’t be under the sun all day! Here are a few options.


The Oslo Norway Harbor, Oslo Fjord in Oslo, Norway.Views of sea and city
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When the temperature in Oslo exceeds 77 degrees on a summer day, that’s considered one of the hottest days of the year! In many places, both domestically and abroad, 77 in the summer is a Godsend. You could argue that it won’t ever happen again. One of the best things about Norway is that you can enjoy things like hiking, kayaking and all sorts of outdoor activities. If you try and put those into your itinerary in other places you’ll need plenty of water for the journey. That won’t necessarily be the case here.


Beautiful aerial view of the Argentina flag waving, the Palace of the Argentine National Congress, in the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina
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If you’re sick of the heat, what you can do is take a trip south of the equator. You know what’s on the other side of the equator, particularly further down south during June and July? It’s called winter there! Argentina is a great place to visit in June and July if you can handle the cold to still walk around and enjoy Buenos Aires. This is perhaps the most “European” city on this side of the Atlantic. You could even spend some days at a ski resort in Bariloche.


Aerial view of Sydney, Australia
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In Australia, you’ll also be able to catch some slopes during this time of year because again it’s winter during June and July. Perhaps what’s best about going down under throughout these months is that you can visit places that get really hot towards the end of the year while enjoying mild weather. The problem is you may have to contend with some rain. Sydney averages highs of 65 degrees during their winter months. The Gold Coast Area gets highs of 70. Keep in mind, this is the winter we’re talking about.


Scenery view of Reykjavik the capital city of Iceland in late winter season.
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If you don’t like the cold at all, but you want to come to Iceland, then you really have to do it during these moths. Another country that gets highs of 77 degrees during the summer months. At night, though, it can drop to within the 40s! You want to come prepared with the right clothes. The summer can be the perfect time to explore more the country. It’s easier to get around without as much snow. If you want to see the aurora borealis in Iceland with “mild” temperature, you may be able to do that if you arrive at the very tail end of August!


Riddarholm Church over Stockholm old town (Gamla Stan), Sweden
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You could argue that Stockholm is one of the most under visited European capitals. One of the reasons for that is that weather is typically not friendly most of the year. If you come here in July, though, you can expect highs of about 75 degrees. That’s pretty much as hot as it’s going to get all year. It’s very good weather to be out and about exploring a new country. Also, you’ll only get about a week’s worth of rain within those 30 days. If you plan the trip out just right, you could be in for great weather throughout your whole stay.

Safari in Botswana

Safari photography on Chiefs Island, Botswana
Image Credit: Shutterstock / Brian Stuart Nel

A destination that’s probably not on many people’s travel wishlist, but it could be after this. Botswana is also south of the equator. The temperature gets up to about 82 degrees during the day and can drop to within the 40s at night. You really want to come prepared with shorts, but cozy pajamas. It’s typical dry during this time of year, so it’s actually one of the best times to go on safari, as animals will hover closer to specific bodies of water. It could be a great off the beaten path destination.

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