Eco Lodge: Castara Retreats in Trinidad and Tobago

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Castara Retreats is a wonderful eco-friendly boutique hotel in the middle of the northeast coast of Tobago, one of the two islands in the southern Caribbean that make up Trinidad and Tobago. The hotel is all about ecotourism, focusing on offering its guests the chance to immerse themselves into the beautiful natural surroundings, but also on working closely with the local community.

A family-run eco-hotel, Castara Retreats is situated just outside a traditional Caribbean fishing village and lies in the middle of a two-acre tropical garden. Its setting allows guests to fully enjoy nature as well as get to know the local culture, which are two key pillars of sustainable tourism.

Visitors have a variety of choices in terms of accommodation. They can choose to stay in one of the Japanese-style wooden haiku cabins or in beautifully decorated air-conditioned apartments. There are no fewer than fifteen different accommodation options. All units offer self-catering facilities, but guests can also grab a bite to eat at the Pavilion Restaurant, which boasts amazing bay views and serves healthy dishes prepared with the freshest ingredients. Additionally, the nearby village lies only a few minutes away on foot and has its own selection of local, authentic eating venues and bars. Other amenities that are available in all the accommodation units include complimentary Wi-Fi, mosquito nets, living rooms, a large hammock, a balcony or terrace with sunbeds, and fans (some units also have air-conditioning). The huge variety of choices of where to spend the night makes Castara Retreats a suitable option for every type of traveler, from budget-conscious backpackers to luxury-minded families.

Castara Retreats, as an exceptional eco-accommodation, contributes to Trinidad and Tobago’s reputation as one of the world’s best ecotourism destinations. The hotel has a number of key principles with regards to sustainable tourism. The buildings are constructed to blend in into the natural environment; the vast majority of products used at the hotel are purchased locally; the restaurant and bar is operated in collaboration with local people; a percentage of its revenue is donated to local schools and sports teams; the hotel has helped locals found their own independent businesses; and local gardeners and cleaning ladies are employed by the hotel.

Low-impact activities at and around Castara Retreats are plentiful, ranging from simply lazing on the beautiful beaches to strolling the tropical gardens, hiking and bird watching in the inland forests, and visiting the local community.

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