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Widely recognized as one of the best eco-lodges in the entire world, Bulungula Lodge is truly something special. This extraordinary lodge is the result of the owners’ years of experience backpacking around Africa, South America and China. They wanted to create a unique, eco-friendly retreat for backpackers in one of the most stunning corners of South Africa.

Located at the end of an excitingly bumpy dirt road and overlooking the ocean on the Wild Coast of South Africa’s Eastern Cape, this lodge has one of the best locations in the world. There are pristine beaches, rolling hills, lagoons, woods,… all home to interesting wildlife. The sky in this region is almost always clear, basically guaranteeing phenomenal night skies and shooting stars. It is a magical place.

Bulungula Lodge is co-owned and managed by the local Xhosa people. The local village and traditions are an integral part of a stay at this lodge. There are no fences, no crime whatsoever, no noise; all that awaits open-minded travelers is stunning scenery, friendly faces and wonderful weather. This is a place to stay at for anyone who is not in a rush, who wants to discover a traditional culture and is up for helping out in the village. People who simply visit because of the cheap prices and proximity to the beach might be disappointed—this is not a resort. Instead, it is a part of a traditional South African community with people who may not even speak English, but are as friendly as any you will ever meet.

Guests can walk through the village day and night and may even be invited into one of the huts for a beverage. Guides are available to provide some more information on this traditional lifestyle if requested. Other activities at Bulungula Lodge range from fishing among local fishermen with throw nets or your own handmade fishing rod to relaxing in the hammocks, walking along the empty beaches, learning how to prepare traditional dishes, spending the afternoon face-painting, maize stamping and beer brewing.

Accommodation is available in ten so-called rondavels, which are traditional round thatched huts, that offer spectacular ocean views. All the huts have been handpainted in their own theme—the compost toilets are the most colorful you will ever see. Energy is generated with solar power.

This rustic eco-lodge is a superb place to stay for travelers who are comfortable with a bit less comfort, which is more than compensated for by the absolutely amazing experience of staying in a self-sustaining, traditional village in South Africa.

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