Visitors to this country will have to submit bank statements to visit starting in 2025

American travelers, for the most part, have been able to travel the world “freely” without having to apply for visas to visit many countries. In some cases, there may be a fee that Americans have to pay to enter the country. However, those fees can be covered at the airport. This is the case for places like El Salvador, which have long charged a 10-dollar entry fee for some foreign tourists.

The EU, for its part, has been “threatening” American tourists with Visa requirements for some time now. Those have continued to be delayed year after year. It is likely that, at some point, Americans will have to apply for a visa before making a Euro trip. Brazil is now the new country that’s adding itself to the list of places Americans will need a visa to access.

These changes aren’t set to take place until 2025, but if anyone is planning a trip down to the largest country in South America, it could be a good idea to keep an eye on this story. According to recent news, starting on April 10, 2025, tourists from Canada, Australia, and the USA will have to present a valid Brazilian visa at immigration to access the country.

This means that, as an American, you’ll have to set up an appointment at the Brazilian embassy nearest you to apply for the document. The cost will be $80.90, and the good thing is that it will be valid for at least ten years. With this document, you’ll be able to access the country for periods of 90 days, maximum, at a time. This doesn’t mean, however, that $80 will necessarily grant you access to Brazil. There’s a whole screening process that you’re going to have to go through.

The Brazilian government is requesting that applicants show their bank statements from the past six months. People will need to prove that they hold an average of $2000 within their accounts throughout that period to be accepted. If the person applying is a minor or still under the custody of a parent or guardian, they can find a “sponsor” to ensure that they present an account with the required amount. Otherwise, this person would run the risk of having their application rejected.

According to sources within the Brazilian foreign affairs office, the process is set to take around five days. It’s still recommended, though, that travelers apply for the visa at least two months before their trip. This will allow them to potentially re-apply or fix any issues that may arise which could negate their access to the country. There will also be a separate process that people who are going on cruises that make port in Brazil can go through. This process will allow them to set foot in the country without necessarily having a full visa. Anyone planning to visit Brazil within the next 12 months should really look into this situation before booking their trip!

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