Disney World Hotels That Provide A Good Bang for Your Buck

Staying on property at Walt Disney World can be a great experience for kids and grown-ups alike. In a sense, you’re surrounded by the magic of the place throughout your entire trip. It’s a great way to remain in “vacation” mode for a longer time. If you stay off-property, you may have to find an Uber to get to your hotel. Of course, your dining experiences may not be themed up to par with Disney standards. The main issue with staying at Disney hotels, though, is that they’re typically more expensive than what’s outside the resort. These options aim to solve that problem. Here are the top hotels within Walt Disney World that promise to provide a good bang for your buck, according to a Disney insider.

Marriott’s Swan, Dolphin, and Swan Reserve Hotels

These first options are a bit of a cheat code. Technically, they are not hotels managed by the Walt Disney Company. They are on property, though, and that means that by staying at one of these hotels, you are going to get some cool perks like staying late at the parks. Also, you can get a ride on a boat to get to Epcot. Since they are run by Marriott, you earn Bonvoy points for your stay. There are also 23 different dining options within these hotels, so going hungry is not a problem! The price varies per hotel, but you’re looking at a range of $270 to $330 per night this July.

All-Star Resorts?

These hotels have always been the budget option for people who want to stay on Disney World property. While some guests swear by them, others have described their experience as rather subpar. Over the last few years, Disney has done a little better job of theming some of these hotels to actual Disney characters rather than the generic figures of old. These hotels feature a food court and pool bar. Those are not exactly high-end amenities, but that’s precisely the point here. At $150 per night at any of these hotels this summer, they’ll remain the cheapest way to stay within the Walt Disney World resort.

Pop Century Resort

Still in the value chain of hotels, but in essence, you’re going to be paying almost 50 dollars more than at the All-Star resorts. Why is that? Well, it mainly has to do with the fact that this hotel does grant you access to the Disney Skyliner to connect to the parks. That means that you won’t have to ride the bus to get there. The theming, though, is arguably just as generic as what you’ll find at the All-Star resorts. Food options are in the same food court setup; no major upgrades there compared to cheaper lodging alternatives.

Art of Animation

With the Art of Animation resort, you do get a couple of upgrades over the other options while keeping some of the benefits. Access to the Skyliner is also something that these hotels boast. The theming here is a step above, particularly compared to what you’ll find at the All-Star resorts. There’s a hotel that’s themed to The Little Mermaid that you can enjoy on a budget. The biggest selling point here is that there are larger suites to fit parties of 4, 6, or more people per room. That could actually lower the total cost of the vacation for individuals. Per night this summer, you could be spending around $230 to $250.

Coronado Springs Resort

This resort offers more food options than the others on the list. It’s themed to Mexico and a bit of Spain, and that’s evident with the tapas bar. The rooms are also much more modern and comfortable overall. One of the problems though is that it’s located a bit further away from the parks. You’ll have to take the bus from here every day. Guests will be paying anywhere from $270 to $300 to stay at this property. Is the distance trade-off worth it? That’s what you’ll have to decipher here!

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