New Documents Indicate Animal Kingdom is Getting an Expansion at Walt Disney World

Disney Imagineers are on the move, and rumors are swirling around what they will build within Animal Kingdom at Walt Disney World. Recently, Disney filed a permit to have local authorities give them the green light to install a project trailer behind Kali River Rapids. This is a relatively congested park area, with a parking lot and a backstage area. There’s also a walkway that leads to DinoLand USA from here.

The minor inconveniences that may result from this will hopefully be worthwhile. According to rumors, this permit was filed to begin construction on either “Blue Sky” Indiana Jones or an Encanto redevelopment of DinoLand USA. Why is there so much buzz about a permit being filed? This was essentially the same procedure that Disney Imagineers underwent when redeveloping FantasyLand at the Magic Kingdom. The fact that the permit was granted is also a very positive sign moving forward. Currently, the Walt Disney Company and the state of Florida are locked in a political battle over city decisions regarding the Walt Disney World Complex. The fact that this permit was granted is a good sign that these issues won’t necessarily hinder the development of the Florida parks.

When will Disney enthusiasts know what’s being built at Animal Kingdom? There are two upcoming events where we can get an official announcement regarding what will take place in that part of the park. There’s an annual shareholders meeting that’s going to take place on April 3rd. While this meeting was widely seen as the date where we may get more clarity on Bob Iger’s successor situation, these leaked documents regarding a permit are building fan anticipation around the meeting even more. The other date to mark on the calendar is August’s D23 Fan Fest convention. Typically, these conventions are where Disney unveils their upcoming plans. It’s more likely that we’ll get clarity on this situation then.

Why are Indiana Jones and the Encanto redevelopment of DinoLand the clubhouse favorites in this scenario? In September 2023, Disney announced it was planning to reimagine the DinoLand USA complex. The two ideas proposed were precisely a reimagining that featured elements from the award-winning movie Encanto. There was also talk about some Imagineers preferring to theme the land to the Indiana Jones franchise. It appears that guests will be getting one of the two options but not both.

On the other hand, this is devastating news for fans of the current DinoLand attraction. It does seem like it will be going the way of the dodo. The fact that the permit allows Imagineers to work in that particular area, plus the announcements in September, clearly indicate that the end is near. Up to this point, no official announcements have been made regarding the area’s future. It could be a good idea to head to the parks and visit this attraction for what may very well be the last time.

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