10 Motivational Secrets Fitness Gurus Don’t Want You to Know

The hardest part of a workout is usually getting started. However, there are some small tricks you can try to improve your chances to get that workout in. Many of these are easy and can provide that boost you need.

1. Don’t Focus on Numbers

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One thing that contributes to the negativity associated with working out is focusing on specific numbers. You want to lose a certain number of pounds or get to a specific size. And it frustrates you when it doesn’t happen, causing you to lose your motivation to keep at it.

The trick is to eliminate that number fixation. Doing so will stop you from feeling hopeless or that you’re not making progress. Exercise should be about improving health more than reaching a particular weight loss.

2. Leave Yourself Motivational Messages

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Post-it notes and notepads can be your best friends and greatest motivators. I avoid putting pictures of others up as a goal to reach. Instead, inspirational messages such as “You Can Do It” and “Nothing is impossible” are fantastic affirmations. Leave them around your home; they will remind you whenever needed.

3. Choose a Reason to Workout

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It will be a great sense of motivation if you can choose why you want to exercise. Whether it be to lose weight, improve flexibility, or general health, defining that reason why makes the abstract concrete.

My current goals and motivations are to feel better inside and out, strengthen muscles, and ease pain. Knowing your reasons makes a tremendous difference.

4. Don’t Give Up Your Entertainment

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Finding time to work out is one of the biggest detractors. Suppose there isn’t time to watch your favorite show or movie and work out. Why not combine them? It can also help you get more done.

For example, if you put on a TV episode while walking on the treadmill, before you know it, you will have walked for at least 20 minutes to an hour. You will get your exercise in without depriving yourself of entertainment.

5. Document Your Progress

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A fantastic way to maintain motivation is to document your progress. Doing this online will help track how you’re doing week to week, and people can follow along. This combats the tendency to lose motivation and fall back into old habits. You can also do the documentation privately while still holding yourself accountable.

6. Make Attainable Goals

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Another significant cause of a lack of motivation is when people make unattainable goals or compare themselves to others. The best approach is to start slow and small. Instead of trying to do too much, failing, and feeling bad yourself, start with a small goal. Some examples are walking or riding a stationary bike for five minutes or doing ten repetitions of leg exercises. As you do them, slightly increase the goal without making it too much. Slow and steady wins the race.

7. Choose Exercises You Enjoy

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Working out can feel like a drudge if you hate the exercises you are doing. Working out will no longer feel like a chore if you choose things you enjoy. For me, nothing beats daily walks outside.

8. Occasionally Sleep in Workout Clothes

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As many discuss, finding time to work out is difficult. Some believe that making an effort to put on workout clothes can be a great motivator. You can take things a step further and sleep in these clothes. This can motivate you to get your workout done early in the day.

9. Utilize Fitness Apps

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There are all kinds of fitness apps available that do numerous things. Some are complex that can track all the facets of your workout progress. Others are as simple as tracking your steps. Seeing what you have or have not done is a useful motivational tool.

10. Surround Yourself With Positive Cheerleaders

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Whether it be friends or family members, if you surround yourself with people who cheer you on and lift you up, it will make a difference in your mental state. Both online and in-person cheerleaders who offer support can be an incredible source of inspiration because you will want to make them and yourself proud.

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