10 Fun Facts You Might Not Have Known About Beer

If you were to quickly name your favorite alcoholic beverage would it be beer? If you answered yes, then you’re in the majority. Beer is the number one most popular and most consumed drink in the world. It’s so popular that only water and tea are more popular in terms of beverages. And this is exactly why it should be no surprise that people have a day marked as a celebration of the most popular alcoholic drink.

National Beer Day in the United States has arrived, taking place on April 7. This is a day to recognize all that beer is, the history behind it, the artistry that goes into brewing it, and just how beloved it is around the world.

To make the day a little more fun, we’ve gone ahead and compiled a list of 10 fun or little-known facts about beer. These will give you a whole new appreciation for the beverage.

The Global Beer Market Is Worth Hundreds of Billions

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Here’s a statistic that may come as a shock, as of 2022 the global market size of beer was worth more than US$721 billion. It’s a number that has been increasing, and many in the industry contribute to the expansion of the various distribution networks globally. The market is expected to grow by 6.9% by 2031 showing just how robust it is.

So how much beer does that equate to? Roughly 50 billion gallons of beer are consumed around the world yearly.

Who Invented Beer?

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There are a lot of stories throughout history that involve beer, how it was made, and who consumed it. Some of the oldest facts go back to the Egyptians, Ancient Egypt and the Romans. There was even an Egyptian goddess of beer, Tenenit. As for the process of brewing beer, we have the Egyptians to thank for that as they were particularly skilled in that regard. The oldest breweries are estimated to have popped up in 1040.

Beer Is Divided Into Two Types

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Did you know there are two main types of beer? There are lagers and ales. They go through a different process which results in two distinct flavors. Generally speaking, lager is a smoother crisper beer that isn’t quite as “flavorful” as ale. Because of the fermentation process used, ale ends up being fruity, hoppy, bitter, and has a “fuller body”. As well, ale tends to have a higher alcohol content.

Worth noting, that lager needs to be stored at a colder temperature than ale. If it’s not stored in a cool enough environment, it can negatively impact the taste.

Craft Beer Can Offer a More Unique Taste

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Perhaps you’ve heard of craft beer but haven’t yet given them a try, unsure of what they are. Craft beers aren’t mass-produced so instead they tend to be small batches with more customized processing methods. Breweries may specialize in a specific craft or change them up regularly.

Those who drink craft beer tend to get a hankering for it and often end up finding mass-produced beers low on flavor. Craft beers are an acquired taste as they are quite strong. It can take time to get used to them and appreciate them.

Surprise – Guinness Is Classified as a “Light” Beer

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One of the most globally popular and recognized beers is Guinness. It’s so popular that there are even recipes built around the beer, counting on it to impart a unique flavor to the dish. But for all of Guinness’ popularity, it’s not everyone’s beer of choice.

You’ll come across plenty of people who complain it’s too strong, too bitter, isn’t crisp, and so forth. But here’s something you may not know, Guinness is classified as a light beer. That’s not the flavor, rather it’s the calories and carbs. So if you’re trying to pick a beer that’s a little kinder to your diet, you may want to give Guinness a try.

Other popular beers that are considered lower calorie are Coors Light, Bud Light, and Corona.

There are Thousands of Breweries in the United States

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The sheer volume of breweries here in the United States is just more proof that it’s a popular drink. As of 2022, Statista reported more than 9,700 breweries operating in the country. It’s a mixture of small, medium, and large-sized breweries with the smaller ones often specializing in craft beers. It means Americans have an excellent selection of beer, arguably some of the best selections in the world.

As for which country produces the most beer, you may be surprised to learn it’s China – not the US. The US is the second largest producer.

Hey Big Spender – There’s a Beer For You

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Want to go all out and pay top dollar for a beer? The world’s most expensive beer is a title held by Allsopp’s Arctic Ale. This beer sold for just over US$503,000. You have to hope for that price it’s the greatest beer ever produced.

On the flip side of the price scale, Vietnam is known for having some of the cheapest beer in the world. You can get a bottle of the local beer for around US$0.12.

Oktoberfest Pays Homage to Beer

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If you want to go big with your beer celebrations you’ll want to plan a visit to Munich, Germany during Oktoberfest. It’s classified as the largest beer festival/celebration in the world and has been taking place yearly since 1810. Oktoberfest draws in crowds of about six million and you can bet a lot of beer and fabulous German food is consumed. Oktoberfest takes place Sept 21-Oct 6, 2024.

Want a Strong Beer – Opt for “Snake Venom”

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Do you constantly look at friends and consider them lightweights when it comes to beer? Do you think you could out-drink them any day of the week? Regardless of how confident you feel, you may not have what it takes to consume “Snake Venom”. This is known as the strongest beer in the world with 67.5% alcohol in it. For comparison, typically beer has 3%-10% alcohol.

Snake Venom comes from a Scottish Brewery called Brewmeister. It’s also quite expensive with some places charging over $100 per bottle.

You Can Celebrate Beer Again

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And if one day dedicated to your alcoholic beverage of choice isn’t enough, you can also celebrate International Beer Day on Aug. 2. This is meant to be a global celebration of just how far breweries and beer have come. International Beer Day dates back to 2007 and is held on the first Friday in August.

It’s Time to Appreciate All That Beer Is

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So if there has ever been a day to crack open a cold one, April 7 is that day as the country celebrates National Beer Day. This one is an easy and enjoyable day to take part in.

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